Toy Tidy


It all started when…

A family approached us to help them get their children's toy collection under control. Children just like adults collect a great many things and the collection can get out of hand and make life stressful. The room where the majority of the toys were stored was overflowing and the storage systems could not hide the clutter. We booked a session whilst the children were at school and set to work. It was easier to work without the children because it would have slowed the process down. Older children can be encouraged to take part and learn how to be organised. 

We removed 12 bags of toys many of which could be donated to charity shops and help out families in need. One of the services we provide is taking away the excess and either recycling or donating to a charity of your choice. After the declutter the toys were sorted into similar type making it easier to store them together. Art material were one category and cars another and smaller miscellaneous objects can be stored in jars. That way children can understand where to put the toys when they tidy up. Pictures on storage boxes are also a useful way to guide children. 

In just one session the majority of the sifting and sorting was complete. The space looked organised and the toys were mainly out of sight making it easy to turn the room back to an adult space when guests arrived. The family were pleased with the results and valued having an organiser by their side to help them through the process and to guide them on storage. Back in control they were inspired to tackle other rooms so the value for them was immense.