Christmas Planner

Christmas Planner


Fed up of being stressed at Christmas? Me too. Thats why I produced this Christmas Planner. Lets make life easier. Use it year after year. No need to buy updates I send them to you free of charge. Every year you have a head start. Sounds good to me!

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Ever wanted someone to plan Christmas for you? This is the closest you will get. A Digital Product to print out and put in the folder of your choice. Christmas sorted.

  • A fabulous cover page for the front of your folder.

  • 20 Christmas planning templates - everything from budgeting to planning where guests will sleep!

  • Notes Section to explain how to use each template - although its easy!

  • Calendar pages to put in tasks so that you don’t forget a thing.

  • FREE updates when changes are made to the planner.

  • And so much more …..