Home Office


It all started when…

Sarah wanted to create a space in her home that she could use as a home office. Her desk in her bedroom was an ideal spot because she liked the view and felt  at her most creative sitting there. However, under the desk was clutter and this prevented her using the space. 

Clearing the space under the desk Sarah found items that she had forgotten about. We made sure that each thing she kept had a purpose and would be used either now or in the near future. Storage solutions came out of those discussions. All of the plans were centred around the vision that Sarah had about working in her chosen space.

We chose to organise through a video link because Sarah did not live close to the organiser. Virtual Organising is becoming popular for this reason. It works so well and is almost the same as being in the room. We could do everything except take away charity shop items and refuse. 

Sarah now has the space that her business needed giving her every chance of future success. Small changes can make a huge difference.