It all started when…

My client wanted to be able to sit in her kitchen and look into her conservatory without a feeling of despair. Her first words to me were "I just want to keep the blinds closed". The conservatory was being used as a space for all things that did not fit anywhere else in her home. Unwelcoming blinds, boxes and old furniture made the room unappealing. It was cold and had no purpose.

My client wanted to use the conservatory for the whole family. A relaxing space to look out onto the garden and read a book, a teenage den, family games night and an office space.  Once the purpose was decided it was easy to see the functionality that could be achieved. It was not difficult to accommodate all of the family and keep the space organised and tidy. 

A skip was hired and the old and without use were deposited there. Window film was ordered to allow the light to stream in and give privacy. Shelving was planned to house games and books. Storage is crucial to keep order and a sense of where you put things back. A colour scheme pulled together the overall look. A sofa was purchased. Accessories were carefully chosen to add style and the finishing touches. 

The space is transformed and the whole family are thrilled. Multi-function does not mean that the room cannot be organised and look permanently tidy. We labelled the boxes on the shelves and each family member has their own box to encourage them to keep the space organised. They are all proud of the room and will keep it looking beautiful.